"Soon As I Figure Out How", co-written with a great Toronto songwriter Tania Joy, this song is about leaving the one you love, knowing it's what you have to do, while having no idea how to do it and how to cope with the loss. 

"Faultline" My first song, and real introduction to songwriting. This song came together in almost one shot, I wrote it while sitting in bed, and going through a painful time. Sometimes you feel that you can do everything to try and make a relationship work but if the foundation is broken or if the person you are involved with is somehow broken inside, everything will come crashing down no matter how hard you try.

"I'll Throw Away The Key", written by myself, this is one of my earlier songs. Although I have never invested in a major production of this song, I have more Youtube hits on this song, than any other. 

"I'll Leave It To Karma", I wrote this song on my own, and it was my first venture into true pop. The vibe was created with my producer Marcus Kane and the power vocals of Lori Nuic.

Most of us, at some point in our lives have experienced betrayal, lies and being undermined. This song isn't about revenge, but the belief that everything we do comes back to us ten fold, if we just let the universe work it's magic, everyone who hurts us, eventually feels it too.

"Crazymaking" I co-wrote this song with a lovely Toronto songwriter Jessica Blake who I enjoy writing with so much. This was her first venture into country, and I may have pushed her into it a wee bit. We planned on pitching the song to the TV Show, Nashville and heard "Juliette Barnes" as the vocalist. We matched it as closely as we could. The theme- the unfortunate drama of the on again-off again relationship. There was a fan made video created for this song with footage from the TV-show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vE7JDXR5NE

"All I Really Want Is You", my first co-write in Nashville, where I met my now friend Marcum Stewart. This song had interest immediately and got pitched to the major labels, though it is still looking for a home. Sometimes we have a pre-conceived idea about what love should look like, or be like, while it's standing right in front of us. 

"Higher Ground", I wrote this song on my own, and it was a personal song. I think we have all been in relationships with people that don't want you when they have you, but try hard to get you back as soon as you're gone. They wan't everything on their own terms, and nothing on yours. It's a painful toxic process, especially when you love them, and and it's sometimes really hard to end painful cycles and say I am worth more. 

"Living Your Dream" this song co-written with Marcum Stewart is definitely the song of a scorned woman, left by her lover for a trashier, lower class girl. This song embodies the story of a woman who has stood by her man (as we often hear stories like this), and when he finally reaches a pivotal point in his career or life, he over looks her, and has some sort of mid life crises. This woman is taking charge, it isn't a victim song, she is saying, now that you have screwed up your life -ENJOY YOURSELF.

"All In" this was another song I co-wrote with Barbara Lynn Doran and her longtime producer Murray Daigle. We knew we had something special with this song, as the melody and lyrical component seems to just flow. The song was inspired by a conversation a close friend and I were having. The theme was that after break ups and being apart, there was a certain acceptance that even though a relationship was imperfect, it was still the one that was worth having. The male eventually realizing that he might not be perfect but that this relationship was worth putting all his cards on the table and going ALL IN. This song was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for 2013.

"But I'm The Lucky One". I have had such a great time writing with my co-writer- talented country singer/songwriter Barbara Lynn Doran. We have locked ourselves in for hours in her Brooklin home or my apartment connecting over lyrics and melody. We have also performed together at many events here in Nashville and Toronto. This was the third song we have written together and recorded it in Nashville, TN. This is a song every woman wants to hear her man sing. 

"The Door" was co-written with Marcum Stewart and Andrea Goodman in Marcum's living room in March of 2014.  Andrea's beautiful Americana-style vocals were what inspired the song, along with a story we all began to tell. The "Door" itself is symbolic, in that we all have to close doors at different times in our life. In this song, the leading lady is finally leaving her partner, who is struggling with a drinking problem, but it has begun to destroy her. She uses all her courage to have hope for a new life, despite all the pain. 

I had such a great time writing with these two, in spite  of the heaviness of the topic.

"A Reason" Another tune co-written with Marcum Stewart, and on his new album "Put It In Drive". The song tries to capture the sexual tension between a couple, it doesn't necessarily point to anything illicit, but it does point to a danger in being together or imaginary walls that keep people apart.

"Stoned" has been my most commercially successful song so far. Co-written with pro Jeff Dayton( former band leader for the The Glen Campbell Band, and guitarist for Kenny Chesney, with a George Strait cut under his belt). Jeff and I wrote this song at his home in Nashville in November of 2013. We have had major label interest and a couple of number 1 artists consider this song, and we hope to have this song cut soon. 

"Can't Hold A Memory" Marcum Stewart is a great co-writer and friend of mine. He was my first co-write in Nashville, and we have written several songs together. This song is about loss, for me it was partially inspired by my grandmother's death that same year. Marcum has included this song on his recent album "Put It In Drive" which is absolutely spectacular, having already secured film and tv placements on several tracks. This song, is under consideration for radio promotion the UK in 2015. 

"What I Wouldn"t Do" was co-written with my friend Noah Caveny, who recently moved from Texas to Nashville. (formerly the front-man for the Alt-Country-Cow-Punk Band, the Marfalites-out out of Dallas). He had an idea for this song, with a line "I wont give you a ring and back-seat baby, then turn around and say I'm not ready" as well as our hook line "What I Wouldn't Do" The message resonated with me, and the melody came quickly. The song was written over many hours in Noah's friend's kitchen, drinking black coffee, and then continued in the front room of Noah's Franklin, TN home until the late hours. Noah is a born poet. We wrote and recorded this song within 24hrs and look forward to writing again.

"Goodbye Doesn't Say It All" This song was a collaboration between Dave Woods (host of the popular "In The Country" radio show), "SameDay" Ray Walsh and myself. It was written this October at Ray's house, sipping chilled white wine throughout the day. The style is bluegrass and country, no big choruses, but rather layered harmonies that express the ache. The song remains hopeful, but it is a plea, looking for hope and to reverse a goodbye......It was recorded in Nashville, TN at Beaird Studios. 

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