"Loose Threads" Instrumental only" Co-written with Craig Robertson 2014. Alternative rock-atmostpheric

"Loose Threads" Co-written with Craig Robertson in 2014. "Love is like a quilt, pain and and pleasure sewn together and few loose threads hanging off the edge". 

"Whad'ya Say" is song that was written back in October with Marcum Stewart and Shantell Ogden in Nashville, TN. It's a happy song, that feels like a road trip from coast to coast. Like a spoonful of hope that all your dreams will come true...it feels love with a seasonal twist. Produced by James Austin Wyle, with Olivia Frances on vocals. 

FiddleTree Publishing 

© 2014  Dayna Shereck(SOCAN)-Fiddle Tree Publishing 

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"You Think About It Don't You" co-written with Shantell Ogden of Nashville, TN. This song is a driving track vibe. Shantell has had several tv-and film placements and we are currently pitching this to various productions in the US and Canada. 

"Goodbye Doesn't Say It All" It has been such a pleasure writing with Dave Woods (In The Country) radio and "Sameday" Ray Walsh on this bluegrass -country track. When you wish you can turn back a goodbye, this track is a plea that almost feels like you can. 

"Back To Me" This track was written in Nashville, TN in October, 2014, It was written by Marcum Stewart, Dan Clews (George Martin Publishing) and myself in a hotel room on a Sunday morning. The theme- sometimes two people are rooted together, they can go there separate ways, try to live separate lives, but they are still joined somehow, and you just know that one day, they will find their way back. 

"In My Eyes" was co-written with Craig Robertson. This song was produced Oct 2014, by Marcus Kane. The vocals are by Dayna Shereck and Craig Robertson. The track is melancholy and atmospheric. Craig's vocals on the track add a certain richness, as does his innate ability to find emotion They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and sometimes it is hard to hide what one is feeling from the world. The truth is that sometimes we wear our pain and hope no one will see it.