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TORONTO. June, 23, 2015 /CNW/   Toronto resident Dayna Shereck will release her debut EP “Suitcase Full of Dreams” on June 23rd, after many successful collaborations over the past few years resulting in film and album placements.

"Suitcase Full of Dreams” can be described as traditional country combined with Americana-folk.  Shereck, who describes herself as “a late bloomer” and more of a writer than a vocalist, proves she is unafraid to lay her cards on the table and talk real life and real love.

 Although flattered to be described as a young new artist in a recent article, Shereck is open about having not discovered songwriting until her mid-thirties. She talks about having been married, divorced, having children, falling in love again and dealing with a broken heart. “There's no smoke and mirrors with Dayna; what you get is what you see. Her music is as real as she is. Dayna's music will make you feel something and leave you wanting more. If I was to compare her style with another artist's style, I would choose Alison Krauss,” says Dave Woods, songwriter and host of the online country music podcast called “In The Country.”
“Country music has always been about honesty and true emotion” says Don Graham of Cashbox Canada, “Dayna Shereck delivers both in spades. Great songs, great voice. With talent like this, she will be around for a long time”.
“Life is messy, and I’m not afraid to write about it,” says Shereck.  “There is no such thing as playing it safe in music. I want to say what people are really feeling, and that comes down to being willing to be vulnerable.”
In the four short years Dayna Shereck has been writing, she has made numerous trips to Nashville and developed a relationship with Dan Hodges Publishing, leading to writing opportunities with more established writers. She has been placed on NSAI’s “Ones to Watch” list, and has been a finalist and semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for 2012, 2013 and 2014. Shereck has had her songs recorded by several independent artists, including co-writing two songs placed on Marcum Stewart’s album “Put It in Drive”, an album that has secured TV and film placements in the US, and that has received airplay on  the UK-BBC.

 “Whadaya Say”, a song co-written with Marcum Stewart and Shantell Ogden, was recently placed in the new film “On the Wing” with Corbin Bernsen and Shirley Jones.
Shereck is currently promoting her EP and working on a new blog, The Nashville Diaries.

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